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Current research

The UCL Knowledge Lab researches digital technologies for learning, media and communication.

STEM education for global citizenship

International School Children Chatting. Norma Mortenson/Pexels.

A project addressing bilingual (Taiwanese-English) teaching challenges in school mathematics using innovative digital technologies.

CHAI - Cyber Hygiene In AI

Chef robot cooking. Image by phonlamaiphoto / Adobe Stock

Being Smart about Security: how we can keep safe when using smart devices in our homes.

Enabling optimal antimicrobial use in East Africa

Pills isolated on white background. Image by Piman Khrutmuang / Adobe Stock

Co-designing an information package to improve antibiotic use.


Creative photo manipulation of a portrait. Image by LUMEZIA.com / Adobe Stock.

Methodological Innovation in Digital Arts and Social Sciences.

Biohybrid Bodies

Human Cyborg Robot by Ezume Images / Adobe Stock

Understanding how biohybrid systems may affect our bodies, lives and societies.


Teacher hands turning on solar windmill energy produce switch in science class. Image: Rawpixel.com / Adobe Stock

Co-design of early STEM training and resources.

Play Observatory

Children playing together at home. Image: Jessica West via Pexels

Children’s play during the pandemic and beyond.


Child taking part in a virtual class from a computer in homeschooling

Multi-level Regional Innovation Hubs across Europe scaling digital innovation.


Human and robot fingers reaching to each other

Exploring digital touch communication.


Time lapse of exhibition. Image: Unsplash.

How interactive exhibits can enhance young children’s scientific learning.


Hands holding playstation controller. Image: JÉSHOOTS via Pexels

Disability and Community: Dis/engagement, dis/enfranchisement, dis/parity and dissent.

Transformative potential of MOOCs

Woman's hands typing on a laptop

Exploring the transformative potential of digital technologies for improving inclusion in higher education.


Unlocke game

An innovative maths and science learning activity informed by neuroscience.