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Current research

The UCL Knowledge Lab researches digital technologies for learning, media and communication.

STEM education for global citizenship

International School Children Chatting. Norma Mortenson/Pexels.

A project addressing bilingual (Taiwanese-English) teaching challenges in school mathematics using innovative digital technologies.

CHAI - Cyber Hygiene In AI

Chef robot cooking. Image by phonlamaiphoto / Adobe Stock

Being Smart about Security: how we can keep safe when using smart devices in our homes.

Enabling optimal antimicrobial use in East Africa

Pills isolated on white background. Image by Piman Khrutmuang / Adobe Stock

Co-designing an information package to improve antibiotic use.


Creative photo manipulation of a portrait. Image by LUMEZIA.com / Adobe Stock.

Methodological Innovation in Digital Arts and Social Sciences.

Biohybrid Bodies

Human Cyborg Robot by Ezume Images / Adobe Stock

Understanding how biohybrid systems may affect our bodies, lives and societies.


Teacher hands turning on solar windmill energy produce switch in science class. Image: Rawpixel.com / Adobe Stock

Co-design of early STEM training and resources.

The Play Observatory

Children playing together at home. Image: Jessica West via Pexels

Children’s play during the pandemic and beyond.


Child taking part in a virtual class from a computer in homeschooling

Multi-level Regional Innovation Hubs across Europe scaling digital innovation.


Human and robot fingers reaching to each other

Exploring digital touch communication.


Time lapse of exhibition

How interactive exhibits can enhance young children’s scientific learning.


Hands holding playstation controller. Image: JÉSHOOTS via Pexels

Disability and Community: Dis/engagement, dis/enfranchisement, dis/parity and dissent.

Transformative potential of MOOCs

Woman's hands typing on a laptop

Exploring the transformative potential of digital technologies for improving inclusion in higher education.


Unlocke game

An innovative maths and science learning activity informed by neuroscience.