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Addressing extremism: Views from the classroom

Exploring the ways in which schools and teachers are engaging with issues related to the prevention of extremism at the classroom level.

2019 - 20 | Funded by Since 9/11


Extremism has been of significant concern to governments in the UK since the events of 9/11 in the U.S. and 7/7 in London. 


There is a growing body of literature exploring the relationship between schooling and extremism. 

Most of the academic literature examining schooling and extremism is critical of FBVs and PREVENT in terms of their theoretical underpinnings and understanding of extremism. 


There is little research however, and what exists suggests that most schools are accepting these initiatives in terms of business as usual.

This project will address this significant gap in the literature by exploring how schools and teachers have been engaging with the prevention of extremism at classroom level.


  • What role can schools play in preventing young people joining extremist or violent movements?
  • What role can schools play in supporting young people to challenge ideas perpetrated by extremist or violent movements?
  • What classroom resources and supports do teachers require to address issues of extremism and violent movements?