IOE - Faculty of Education and Society


School system reform

Theme leader: Professor Toby Greany


The research in this strand aims to get inside the 'black box' of reform by asking 'what works for whom under what circumstances, how and why?'

Models of reform

Our work provides critical perspectives on school system reform which ask not only why some things work or don't work, but also probe the implications of different reform approaches for leadership and whether existing models of reform are appropriate in the context of societal inequalities and wider global challenges.

Recent publications

Greany, T. (2018). Innovation is possible, it's just not easy - Improvement, innovation and legitimacy in England's autonomous and accountable school systemEducational Management Administration & Leadership, 46(1): 65-85.

Greany, T. (2018). System Leadership and Collaboration - A new skillset for leaders? School Leadership Today, 8(5), 50-59.