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Evidence-informed practice

Theme leader: Professor Louise Stoll


The research in this strand aims to explore the ways in which formal and informal evidence and expertise can inform practice within and between organisations, and the role of leaders as well as wider cultural factors and formal mechanisms in enabling this.


Many projects in this strand involve working closely with schools and other educational partners to design, undertake and evaluate focused improvement projects, often working closely with our team of expert Programme Leaders and facilitators.

Recent Publications

Greany, T. and Maxwell, B. (2017) Evidence-informed innovation in schools: aligning collaborative Research and Development with high quality professional learning for teachers, International Journal of Innovation in Education (IJIE) Vol. 4, Nos. 2/3, pp. 147-170.

Developed by UCL Institute of Education staff Louise Stoll, Toby Greany, Chris Brown as well as colleagues from Sheffield Hallam and Durham Universities (2017). Teacher and school evidence-engagement: self-assessment toolkits, Chartered College of Teaching

SAGE video collection

Research Engagement in Education - Dr David Godfrey.
Research on School Inspections - Dr Melanie Ehren.