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Place and belonging in a volatile world

Why schools need to be places of welcome and belonging.

Video Series I

Place, belonging and schools in our global world

Explores the world through the Prism of Place and Belonging and illustrates what belonging means to children and young people.

" Belonging means you are part of something and you are not just sitting around on the other side…not just left out or lonely."  (School student)

A place to be: student-researchers show the way

Shows the benefits of involving young people in researching for place and belonging and asking the question: Is this school a place where everyone feels they belong?

" The notion of place and belonging is incredibly important for [our students] and even more so…when we are all getting a bit exercised about British values and what it means to be part of a community." (School Leader)

Rethinking classrooms: teacher-researchers learn from their students

Shows the value of involving teacher-researchers (newly qualified teachers) in research which investigates the classroom and playground experiences of children

" This helped me see things in a new way. A creative and very exciting project."   (Newly qualified teacher) 

Using poetry performance to create place and belonging

Demonstrates how Professor Kathryn Riley and DancePoet TioMolina use poetry and music to develop the talents and skills of young people and help create a sense of place and belonging in the classroom.

" "Belonging is my identity, belonging is myself. And belonging is to be confident with yourself. It's like something very deep in your soul and in the heart."  (TIoMolina)  

Making belonging work in a volatile world

Highlights the importance of taking into account global factors. The Video also introduces the notion of leaders as place-makers,  reinforcing the message about the Art of Possibilities.

" If all the people who are actually involved in a thought about their school in a different way - a place where I go, I feel like I belong, I feel like I can contribute, I feel like what I say is heard.  … What a dynamic, wonderful place that would be."   (Rhoda Furniss)