IOE - Faculty of Education and Society


Doctoral Supervisors

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General Research Interests

Mette Berg

Diasporas and migrant transnationalism
Urban diversity
Generations and migration
Social memory
Ethnographic Methods

Julia Brannen

Paid work and family life
Motherhood and fatherhood
Intergenerational relations
Children and young people in families
Family food practices
Methodology including research design, mixed methods, comparative research and biographical- narrative approaches
Country knowledge: Scandinavia, Southern and Eastern Europe, China

Claire Cameron

Education of looked after children and young people
Early childhood care and education
Children's workforce
Children in care
Social pedagogy
Foster care
Residential care
Qualitative methods
Comparative studies

Charlotte Faircloth

Parenting culture
Motherhood and fatherhood
Gender, intimacy and equality
Infant feeding
(Assisted) Reproduction
Intergenerational relationships
Adult-child relationships
Cross-cultural comparative work, especially Scandinavia and France
Qualitative methods

Michela Franceschelli

Transitions to adulthood
Social class
Families and intergenerational transmission
Young adulthood
Migration and identity

David Frost

Intimacies and relationships
Stigma, stress and health
Minority stress and marginalisation
Same sex relationships
Social psychological research
Narrative methods

Humera Iqbal

Migration and Identity
Urban Diversity
Space and well being
Mental health in young people
Children and young people
Minority groups and belonging
Parenting and ethnicity
Psychosocial studies
Qualitative and Mixed Methods (including Arts & film based methods)

Abigail Knight

Qualitative methods with children
Young people and their families
Childhood sociology
Disabled children
Looked after children
Children's out-of-school lives
Home and local belonging
Using oral history and other archival sources

Agnieszka Kubal

Socio-legal approaches to migration and refugee issues
Legality, legal consciousness, legal pluralism
Migrants and refugees' everyday experiences of the law
Human rights and access to justice
Ethnography of the legal process, Qualitative methods
Specific area studies interest: Eastern Europe and Russia

Margaret O'Brien

Fathers, work and family life
Maternity, paternity and parental leave policies
Gender equality policies
Father involvement with children
Children's spaces in cities
Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

Rebecca O'Connell

Food practices of children, young people and families
Families and poverty
Paid-work and family life
Ethnographic, qualitative, mixed- and multi- methods approaches

Charlie Owen

Early years childcare
Gender in childcare
Looked after children
Private fostering
Mixed race issues and secondary analysis of official statistics

Ann Phoenix

Transnational families
Language brokers
Serial migrants
Mixed parentage
Parenting and families
Identities and subjectivities
Psychosocial studies
Environmental practices
Country knowledge: Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden

Katie Quy

Parenting and families
Child behaviour and development, in particular:
Emotional well-being
Coping and resilience
Oppositional behaviour

Katherine Twamley

 Love and intimacy
Motherhood and fatherhood
Relationships and personal life
Masculinities and femininities
Feminism and feminist practice
India and the Indian diaspora
Family policy

Jenny Woodman

Health and social care services for children and families
Child and family policy
Primary health care services
Administrative health and social care data for research
Qualitative methods