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A school in Madagascar by Milijaona Randrianarivelojisoa


Understanding the interconnections between education and migration

Theme leader: Dr Elaine Chase

A range of migrations characterise contemporary times and raise complex issues about education provision. Migration links the needs of differently situated groups, the societies they migrate to and those they leave behind.

Our research and teaching focus on the experiences of migration and their implications for education policy and practice, and how better to understand the education-migration nexus within the context of international development.

This new and evolving thread of our work at the Centre for Education and International Development (CEID) explores two main angles:

  • how migrant communities from low and middle-income countries experience education (in its broadest sense) within 'host' countries such as the UK
  • the factors driving and constraining educational and learning opportunities for people who migrate within and between low and middle income countries.

Research projects