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DERC Journal

DERC founded the International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning in 2008. Clare Bentall is the Editor of IJDEGL and it is published by IOE Press. For further information go to the IJDEGL website:


DERC research paper series


DERC authored research reports and journal articles


DERC Books and book chapters

  • Bourn, D; (2014) The Theory and Practice of Development Education: A pedagogy for global social justice. Routledge: Abingdon, UK.
  • Blum, N. (2012). Education, community engagement and sustainable development: negotiating environmental knowledge in Monteverde, Costa Rica. Dordrecht: Springer



DERC supported research



Development Education Digest & Global Education Digest

Global Education Digest 2015 - 2017


DERC Update



DERC Presentations and conference papers

Global Learning in Schools Conference Papers, May 2014

Flick Dunkley, Philosophy for Children (P4C) | | |

Bourn, D. (2011) 'Development Education: Where does it come from and what does it look like' (Video)


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