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Developing best practice in mixed attainment English teaching

Strengthening research-informed teaching of English to mixed attainment classes

This project took place in 2016-17 and was funded by IOE seed funding.

Drawing on the award-winning project 'Best Practice in Mixed Attainment' and in collaboration with English teachers, we set out to develop a set of principles and exemplar lessons to strengthen the research-informed teaching of English to mixed attainment classes.


The aim of the project was threefold:

  • To develop research-informed practice in secondary school English teaching, drawing on the award-winning project Best Practice in Mixed Attainment.
  • To create resources for use by and inspiration of English teachers to support mixed attainment teaching at Key Stage 3.
  • To strengthen the resources available to English teachers to argue in favour of evidence-based mixed attainment teaching practice.
Project team
Partner teachers and schools

We are grateful to our partner teachers and schools: Lauren Cowan, James Creamer, Athena Pitsillis, Amar Kang, Katie Dobson, Rosie Lunt, Orhan Nas, Lorna Damms, Frank Difusco and Lucy Strike.


There were several products of this collaborative project, including a resource book with background information, professional development activities, and example lessons; supporting materials for the example lessons; and a short film.

Resource book

If you would like the supporting materials for the exemplar lessons, please email IOE.groupingstudents@ucl.ac.uk