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Climate Change and the Rule of Law

In September 2015, at a major conference on ‘Adjudicating the Future’ relating to climate change law, Prof Philippe Sands gave a lecture in the Supreme Court on the possibilities for adjudication of climate change issues before international courts and tribunals. This lecture was published as an article in the Journal of Environmental law, and argues for a role of international courts and tribunals in the determination of factual and scientific matters related to climate change, assessing the possible role of international courts of a more general jurisdiction, such as ITLOS and the ICJ.

A Theory of Asymmetric Warfare: Normative, legal and conceptual issues

What rules should govern contemporary warfare? In what ways have the presence of new actors, such as security companies, terrorist groups, or child soldiers oblige us to revise the rules that currently regulate armed conflicts under international law? Download the research paper: 


The Hague Principles on Ethical Standards for Counsel Appearing before International Courts and Tribunals

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Process and legitimacy in the nomination, election and appointment of international judges

More than 30 international or regional courts now exist. International judicial activity now encompasses trade, investment, human rights, war crimes, and issues of general international law. International courts increasingly impact on legal and judicial developments at the national level. Yet relatively little is known about how international judges are appointed. The Centre for International Courts and Tribunals undertook a three-year AHRC grant funded research project to identify:

  • How candidates for international judicial office are nominated at the national level; and
  • How the election process takes place at the international level.

Find out more on our research project page.

The Burgh House Principles on the Independence of the International Judiciary

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Impact of International Courts on Domestic Criminal Procedures in Mass Atrocity Cases - DOMAC

The DOMAC research project sought to assess the impact of international court procedures on domestic procedures for putting to trial the perpetrators of mass atrocities. Find out more on our project page.