International Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) Centre




Torhild Holthe
Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist in Old Age Health, MSc, Phd-candidate.
Norwegian Advisory Unit for Ageing and Health,
Tel: +47911 34 088
Email: torhild.holthe@aldringoghelse.no
Website: https://www.aldringoghelse.no/dems/behandling-og-oppfologing/hukommelsesstimulerende-terapi-hst/

Norwegian Advisory Unity for Ageing and Health
Website: https://www.aldringoghelse.no/dems/behandling-og-oppfologing/hukommelsesstimulerende-terapi-hst/
Contact address: hst@aldringoghelse.no

CST Training

Municipalities and regional centers for Development of Institutional and Home Care Services (USHT) may order courses in CST from Norwegian Advisory Unit for Ageing and Health to be held locally. In addition, Ageing and Health will arrange two courses per year in/near Oslo. See CST Training in Norway for upcoming dates.

CST Manuals

The first manual Making a Difference was translated and culturally adapted by Kari Kvaal and Ingun Ulstein. The manual was published 2018 by Universitetsforlaget, Oslo. Ageing and Health’s publishing house will translate the CST manuals: Making a Difference II and III (individual CST) 2020-2021.