Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS)


IAS Forum

The IAS Forum is room G17, on the ground floor of the South Wing. It is step-free / wheelchair accessible.

  • Seats up to 50 people theatre-style 
  • Large (98") fixed plasma screen and lectern
  • Networked computer, but can also connect laptop. Presenters requiring a screen to read their presentation from will find it easier to bring their own laptop.
  • Blackout blinds
  • Small space for catering 
  • Mezzanine area for breakout

IAS Forum seating and mezzanine floor
Seating area and mezzanine for break-out

IAS Forum screen and lecturn
Plasma screen and lectern. IT cabinet in the corner behind the lectern.

IAS Forum catering area
Tables for catering. Additional seating can be brought out if required.

Running an event in the Forum 

In order to maintain the good condition of the rooms and ensure the smooth running of your event, please follow these tips: 


Access to the South Wing corridor is unrestricted. Access to the room is by a key code. Please ensure you have been given this code by a member of the IAS staff before your event. The room has two doors, and you can leave the backdoor open for latecomers once your event has started.

AV Connections

  • Please make sure the switch on the wall that connects the equipment in the cabinet is turned on (if it wasn’t on, you will need to wait a couple of minutes until the equipment is ready to use) 
  • Please make sure the screen is switched on (blue or green light). You can use the tv controller in the room. 
  • The room does have a networked PC, but you can also connect your own laptop using the HDMI connector. Please note that some laptops, for instance Macs require an adaptor (available in the IAS office)
  • Select the correct HDMI channels using the buttons in the cabinet (see photo below): the networked PC uses HDMI 1; if you are connecting a laptop you will need to select HDMI 2 or 3.
  • You can login with your UCL credentials, or as a UCL guest (.\UCLGuest, password: Welcome1)

IAS Forum hdmi buttons


The closest lavatory is at the entrance of the south wing, next to the stairs (an accessible/unisex toilet). There are more toilets on the lower ground floor. 

Fire Exits

There are two fire exits: one at the front of the room, and one at the back. Once you have exited the room there are fire exits both to the right and to the left, down the corridor.

Post-Event Clear Up

  • Ensure the furniture is put back in its original position. 
  • Switch off AV equipment. 
  • Tidy up any leftover catering. 
  • Take down any signage. 
  • Do not leave students/visitors unattended in IAS rooms at the end of your event. 
  • Close the windows and door when you leave and make sure the latter is locked.