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SPRC In conversation with Françoise Vergès

by Gala Rexer and Françoise Vergès

SPRC In conversation with Françoise Vergès

16 January 2023

Gala Rexer welcomes Françoise Vergès, franco-Reunionnese activist, independent curator, and public educator, to talk about her most recent books, A Feminist Theory of Violence (2022), The Wombs of Women. Race, Capital, Feminism (2020,) and A Decolonial Feminism (2019).

Françoise discusses how women’s rights have been deployed in the service of the carceral state, and how a decolonial feminism needs to reimagine a collective politics of protection against violence, pollution, and exhaustion outside of the nation-state form and capital. Françoise calls upon us to strike, unionize, and fight back, to rethink the family, reproduction, and care outside of racialized frameworks of security and deservingness, and to nourish comrade- and friendship, revolutionary love, and inter-generational transmission of feminist thought.  

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This conversation was recorded on 25th October 2022

Speakers: Gala Rexer, postdoctoral fellow at the Sarah Parker Remond Centre // Françoise Vergès, political scientist, historian, film producer, independent curator, activist and public educator.  
Producer:  Julia Thomas and Lucy Stagg 
Editors: Amie Liebowitz and Kaissa Karhu