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IAS Talk Pieces: Life in the Time of Coronavirus. #6 Virtual Therapeutic Encounters

by Lionel Bailly

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5 June 2020

Welcome to the sixth podcast in the IAS series 'Life in the Time of Coronavirus'. Here you can listen to Lionel Bailly, Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Psychoanalysis Unit at UCL, share his experience as a psychoanalyst and child and adolescent psychiatrist during the lockdown. Bailly reflects on the importance of physical presence in the therapeutic encounter and on the effects of virtual forms of exchange and communication on his practice with his young patients.

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Music by smallhaus and the BBC Sound Archive.
Speaker: Lionel Bailly (Psychoanalysis unit at UCL)
Communications by Patricia Mascarell Llombart
Produced and edited by Albert Brenchat-Aguilar
Executive Producer: Tamar Garb