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Life in the Time of Coronavirus #12 Viral Racism

by Temitope Abisoye Noah (IAS Visiting Research Fellow)

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30 July 2020

Welcome to the twelfth podcast in our series ‘Life in the Time of Coronavirus’. Here Dr Temitope Abisoye Noah, Visiting Research Fellow in the IAS, provides a personal meditation on the analogies between Coronavirus and racism, which she argues, spreads like a virus, and may exist in the population even while carriers can be unaware of the dangers they present. Do not victims turn to social distancing to avoid those infected, she asks? Is racism not also a global pandemic? And is it enough to notice the symptoms without addressing the cause?

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  • Music: Smallhaus and the BBC Sound Archive
  • Speaker: Temitope Abisoye Noah (IAS Visiting Research Fellow)
  • Producer and Editor: Albert Brenchat-Aguilar
  • Communications: Patricia Mascarell Llombart
  • Executive Producer: Tamar Garb