Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS)


Life in the Time of Coronavirus #13 The Biopolitics of Algorithms

by Ramon Amaro (UCL)


4 August 2020

Welcome to the thirteenth podcast in our series ‘Life in the Time of Coronavirus’. Here Ramon Amaro, Lecturer in the History of Art Department at UCL, discusses the development of algorithms by IT giants in relation to Covid 19. Amaro considers the logics by which these algorithms work, as well as the perceived need for massive data collection and rapid response. He also looks at the associated problems such as data accuracy, breaches of privacy, surveillance, the potential biopolitical uses of data in the aftermath of the pandemic and the interconnections between testing, trading and commerce.

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  • Music: 'Surveillance' by Smallhaus. Sound effects by the BBC Sound Archive. ​​​
  • Speaker: Ramon Amaro (UCL)
  • Producer and Editor: Albert Brenchat-Aguilar
  • Communications: Patricia Mascarell Llombart
  • Executive Producer: Tamar Garb