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IAS Laughter: Kuryokhin’s Stiob - Postmodernist Laughter in the Postcommunist Dark

by Alexander Kan (BBC Russian, London), Anna Kan (a social and cultural historian, London), Hannelore Fobo (an independent art critic and curator, Berlin) and Andrei Rogatchevski (IAS UCL)

Sergey Kuryokhin

11 December 2018

Stiob was central to most of Kuryokhin’s creative endeavour, appreciated by the likes of Andy Warhol and John Cage. Celebrating the forthcoming 65th anniversary of Kuryokin’s birth, an international panel of Kuryokhin experts contextualised and analysed different aspects of his art and politics (music, visuals and controversial political alignments) with regard to Kuryokhin’s avant-garde and postmodernist roots, as well as the specific socio-political situation shortly before and after the collapse of the USSR, particularly conducive to the rise of stiob.

Below you can find Hannelore Fobo's talk.

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