Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS)


Dr Michael McEachrane

Michael McEachrane has a PhD in Philosophy from Åbo Akademi University in Finland. He is currently a visiting assistant professor of postcolonial studies at the University of Bremen in Germany. Previously, he has held teaching positions in philosophy, African American studies and human rights studies in the US and Sweden. Among his publications are news media as well as academic journal articles and three edited collections, Sverige och de Andra: Postkoloniala perspektiv [Sweden and the Others: Postcolonial Perspectives] (Natur & Kultur, 2001), Emotions and Understanding: Wittgensteinian Perspectives (Palgrave Macmillan, 2009) and Afro-Nordic Landscapes: Equality and Race in Northern Europe with a foreword by Paul Gilroy (Routledge, 2014). Dr McEachrane is also a seasoned international activist in the areas of anti-racism and reparatory justice.

Dr McEachrane's research at the Institute of Advanced Studies will focus on the concepts of 'colonial legacies' and 'reparatory justice' for such legacies. He will explore why and how it is significant to speak of injustices of racial stratification, domination and exploitation in Europe, its former colonies and international relations as colonial legacies. He will also explore how such legacies legitimately are in need of reparatory justice.