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Dr Enzo Rossi

Enzo Rossi is a tenured universitair docent at the University of Amsterdam, the co-editor of the European Journal of Political Theory, and the principal investigator of the Dutch National Science Organisation Vidi project 'Legitimacy Beyond Consent' (2016-2021). His PhD is in philosophy, from the University of St Andrews.

His main current project is a realist critical theory of legitimacy. This stems from the intersection of a number of interests: (i) methodological issues in political theory, e.g. realism vs moralism and, relatedly but separately, ideal vs non-ideal theory; (ii) the historical development of liberal ideology; (iii) the normative status of political authority; and (iv) the accommodation of diversity. More generally, he is concerned with the relationship between the descriptive and the normative study of society. His publications and working papers can be downloaded at uva.academia.edu/enzorossi.