Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS)


Forthcoming Visiting Research Fellows

26 June 2023

The IAS is looking forward to welcoming a new cohort of Visiting Research Fellows in Autumn Term 2023. Read on to find out more about them and their projects.

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Dr Lin Wang

Associate Professor, College of Foreign Languages, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China
Dates of fellowship: August 2023-August 2024
Research project: Oscar Wilde from the perspective of comparative literature and changes of images of China in British modern and contemporary literature.

Dr Collins Edigin

Lecturer, Department of History and International Studies, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria
Dates of fellowship: September 2023-June 2024
Research project:Politics of Tax Bargaining and Negotiation in Colonial Benin, 1897-1960’ investigates the power politics between the colonial state and the society that shaped the tax policies of Benin.

Professor Fuhito Endo

Professor of English, Seikei University, Tokyo, Japan
Dates of fellowship: September 2023-March 2024
Research project: ‘Mystical Materialism: Roger Fry, Cubism, and Spiritualism' explores some ways in which spiritualist discourse, or what was commonly referred to as 'psychical research' at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, had a variety of effects on contemporary art theory, most notably represented in the British context by Roger Fry's Post-Impressionism.

Dr Sabah Khan

Assistant Professor, Ambedkar University, Delhi, India
Dates of fellowship: September-October 2023
Research project: The formation of diasporic identities and dynamics of transnationalism among the South Asian Muslim diaspora in Britain.

Dr Alexis Rider

Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Historical Research, School of Advanced Study, University of London
Dates of fellowship: September 2023-May 2024
Research project: ‘A Melting Fossil: Seeing Ice, Making Time’ examines how, since the nineteenth century, ice has been deployed by naturalists and scientists as a kind of scientific instrument to understand and construct both the deep past and future of the planet.

Dr Liat Lavi

Senior Lecturer, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel
Dates of fellowship: September 2023-February 2024
Research project: 'Through the Looking Glass: What dialogical machines teach us on what it is like to be human' investigates the philosophical and sociological implications of recent advances in the field of artificial intelligence from the point of view of man-machine communication.

Dr Hana Morel

Sustainability and Advocacy Lead, Museum of London & Scientific Coordinator of the International Co-Sponsored Meeting on Culture, Heritage and Climate Change
Dates of fellowship: September 2023-September 2024
Research project:Heritage Sustainable Footprints’ leverages new and existing research and activity taking place on a global scale, to address the knowledge gaps apparent for both supporting and strengthening social and environmental prosperity and connectedness in place-based communities via culture and heritage.

Dr Sandra Uskoković

Associate Professor, University of Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dates of fellowship: September 2023-March 2024 (end date tbc)
Research project: The Silk Road trajectory within the geohumanities of the Mediterranean / ‘End of Nature’ in Post socialism as an attempt of specific articulation of the Anthropocene (tbc)

Dr Zayra Badillo Castro

Research Fellow, Kennan Institute, Wilson Center, Washington DC, USA & Adjunct Professor, Center for Advanced Studies on Puerto Rico and the Caribbean  
Dates of fellowship: October-December 2023
Research project:Dismantling Soviet Infrastructure in the Global South: the ideological transformations of prefabricated panel buildings from Asia to Havana’ develops a comparative framework to explore the impact of Soviet infrastructure projects outside the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, using Tashkent’s transformation from a Russian colonial town to a regional centre for the Muslim world during the Cold War, thus becoming the urban model and ‘success story’ in Soviet propaganda toward leaders of Africa, Asia, and Latin America, as a point of reference.

Dr Ana Sáez Hidalgo

Associate Professor, Department of English Philology, University of Valladolid, Spain  
Dates of fellowship: October-December 2023
Research project: ‘Henry VIII’s Catholic Afterlives’ focuses on the ways in which Catholic writers of the history of the Reformation, both in England and in Iberia, intersected to treat the figure of Henry VIII, and their interaction in the formulation and dissemination of historical and religious narratives, past and present, throughout the 16th and 17th centuries.

Dr Canan Urhan

Research Fellow & Principal Investigator, MEDACORNET project, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Dates of fellowship: October 2023-July 2024
Research project: ‘An Investigation Into the Contemporary Therapeutic Discourse and Its Moral Entrepreneurs in Turkey’ examines how contemporary subjectivities are discursively constructed within different domains of the therapy industry and how different technologies of the mind are reinforced.

Dr Alani Hicks-Bartlett

Assistant Professor, Departments of Comparative Literature, French & Francophone Studies and Hispanic Studies, Brown University, USA
Dates of fellowship: October 2023-January 2024 (tbc)
Research project: ‘Writing the Disabled Self in Early Modern Literature: Petrarch, Montaigne, Cervantes’ investigates the Early Modern preoccupation with physical health, bodily integrity and authorial voice, using Disability Studies as an essential critical framework.