Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS)


Call for Abstracts: Fevers, Frets and Futures: uncertainty & new ecologies for post-Covid healthcare

10 February 2023

Following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, we had to reschedule this conference. We are delighted to announce the new dates and a new call for abstracts.


Association for Medical Humanities Annual International Conference, in collaboration with the IAS, UCL
4th – 7th July 2023, at UCL and online

Deadline for submissions: 9 am, Tuesday 28th March 2023

The last two and a half years have exposed points of encounter between existing anxieties about climate change and environmental collapse and new crises of health and well-being in the face of the Covid pandemic. These two global concerns about the sustainability of human life have revealed ethical, political and cultural fractures and challenges, not least because of their differential impact on countries, peoples, and communities.

At the heart of this moment of crisis lies a set of ecological concerns: what does the future look like in complex personal or environmental conditions? How does this change our thinking about immunity, longevity and the limits of healthcare, especially given stark contrasts between the global north and south? Importantly, as clinicians, patients, and humans whose vital dependence on nonhuman life forms has suddenly been made starkly visible, what are the lessons we can learn from the frets and fevers of a global pandemic, to think and create new futures and a new sustainability in our work, our lives, and the environments on which, we now know, they precariously depend? Further to this is the added complexity of how countries and communities form part of our wider environment, when that environment is under threat.

Read the full call for abstracts and the guidelines for submission