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Perspectives on Racialisation, Gender & Feminist Methodologies seminar series 2022-23

24 August 2022

Perspectives seminar series

UCL's Sarah Parker Remond Centre is pleased to announce a new seminar series, Perspectives on Racialisation, Gender and Feminist Methodologies 2022-23, organised by Dr Gala Rexer, Research Fellow at the SPRC.

Race, Gender & Affect: A Conversation between Xine Yao and Lola Olufemi

29 September 2022, 6.30 - 8pm

What is the role of feelings in producing and maintaining structures of domination - how is sentimentality used for nation-building, what are the affective requirements for rightful belonging and legibility (read: Humanity), who is deserving of sympathy? Affect is inextricable from power, and as such is produced across gendered and racialised registers. In this conversation, Dr. Xine Yao and writer Lola Olufemi discuss what sort of politics are enabled by unfeeling. How can apathy to dominant affective structures engender refusal, care, and dissent? And how does un/feeling help us to imagine the world otherwise?

Decolonial Feminist Thought: A conversation between Françoise Vergès and Edna Bonhomme

25 October 2022, 6.30 - 8pm

Decolonial feminism: a politics, working towards the abolition of capitalism, heteropatriarchy, and the state; a theory, rethinking logics of exploitation, oppression, and the institutions that engender them; a pedagogy, recognizing and understanding difference as a pre-condition for working together across difference. Françoise Vergès and Edna Bonhomme repoliticize feminist thinking and practice, which have been increasingly deployed in the service of the carceral state, neoliberalism, and developmental paternalism. In this conversation, they will think through state violence, climate catastrophe, racial capitalism, and reproductive (in)justice in order to map out a cartography of decolonial feminist thought.

Birthing Justice: A Black Feminist Workshop on Reproductive Justice

18 January 2023, 10am - 4pm

With Anna Horn and Caroline Bazambanza. Reproductive Justice is Black feminism in motion. Tethered to its roots in radical action, we explore Black feminism, its theories, methodologies, knowledges and ways of being through the frame of birth, mothering and reproduction. In this workshop, we will encourage anthropologists, sociologists and others to be brave in their writing, methodological, citation and creative practices as we meaningfully engage with the work of Black feminism in Britain.

Workshop is open for everyone, registration required.