Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS)


Launch of IAS Think Pieces. Issue 2 - Turbulence

30 April 2020

We are very excited to present you with the second edition of IAS Think Pieces, a twice-yearly review that addresses the substantial academic research programme hosted at UCL’s Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS).


Each issue is devoted to one of our annual research themes, and represents varied, cutting-edge research and thinking in forms accessible to a broad and heterogeneous audience. Taking its lead from the ethos of the IAS, Think Pieces embraces interdisciplinarity and prides itself on enabling conversations between scholars, artists and writers working in and across a wide range of fields. 

The second issue is devoted to the theme of ‘Turbulence’ and includes pieces by Arthur Petersen, Alison Wright, Vivan Sundaram, Katie Stone, Mohammed Abouelleil Rashed, Polly Gould, Agnès Villette, Ama Josephine Budge & Christine ‘Xine’ Yao, and Maja Fowkes. It also features artworks by Leonardo Da Vinci, Vivan Sundaram, Zanele Muholi, Andrei Tarkovsky, Edward Wilson, Polly Gould, Agnès Villette, Drama Queens Ghana, Natalia LL and Oto Hudec.

The publication is open access and you can find it here.