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Area Studies Re-mapped – A series of high profile events from 27 to 29 September 2018

14 September 2018

The IAS Area Studies Re-Mapped research agenda is delighted to announce a series of high profile events, all of which question traditional notions of thinking, displaying and mapping ‘area’.

hot spot III

Anti-Atlas: Towards a Critical Area Studies

Anti-Atlas is positioned at the intersection of several publishing genres: a reader, an edited collection, a manifesto and a travel guide. It will provoke its readers to think critically about the ways in which we divide the world up into pieces, fencing off certain areas from other ones.

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Image: Collage by Jan Dziaczkowski, from the Keine Grenzen series, 2008


Putting South Asia on Display

What does it mean to display South Asia’s rich heritage in the former colonial metropole, in museums established at the height of British imperial power, and in receipt of global financial flows larger than those pouring into South Asian museums themselves today?

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Image: Dashrath Patel, ‘Untitled’, c. 1960-70. Courtesy: Pinakin Patel/Dashrath Patel Museum, Alibag.


Area Studies in Flux Conference and Workshop  

This conference is convened by the IAS and SSEES in collaboration with Peking University, and is designed to go beyond Euro/US-centrism to explore ‘area’ from diverse vantage points and emplaced disciplinary traditions.

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hot spot III

Image: Mona Hatoum, Hot Spot III, 2009, Stainless steel and neon tube, 234 x 223 x 223 cm. (92 1/ x 87 3/4 x 87 3/4 in.) © Mona Hatoum. Courtesy the artist and MdbK Leipzig (Photo: dotgain.info)


Islands of Labor: Photographing the Black Docker

According to Françoise Lionnet, our keynote lecturer, “To rethink ‘area studies’ today is to take into account the oceans, archipelagos, and island cultures that have always served as links between continental masses. It is also to encourage the development of multidisciplinary approaches to literature and culture.”

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jano couacaud