Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS)


IAS Announces Collaboration with CSCA

21 September 2017


The Institute of Advanced Studies is delighted to announce a year-long collaboration with History of Art's Centre for the Study of Contemporary Art (CSCA). We hope that this will bring researchers across UCL with an interest in aesthetics, politics and the contemporary into conversation with one another. The CSCA has decided to focus its activities around a particular annual research theme developed in collaboration with a different research centre or department at UCL each year. The idea behind these temporary collaborations is to encourage greater interdisciplinarity and to forge dialogue across the University. 

This year the CSCA will be working in conjunction with the Institute of Advanced Studies' two chosen research themes of  'Lies' and 'Vulnerability', which include related subjects such as precarity, fragility, violence, risk and dependence. The CSCA's annual lecture, presented this year by Professor Carrie Lambert-Beatty (Harvard University), is called 'Parafiction, Post-Truth, and the Contemporary Art of Knowing' and also constitutes the first public event of this collaboration that engages with the theme of 'Lies'. The lecture will take place on 4 October in the Archaeology Lecture Theatre at 6 pm.

On 5 October, Professor Lamberty-Beaty will be running a small seminar on related themes (1-3 pm). Places are limited and registration is on a first come first served basis with Stephanie Schwartz at s.schwartz@ucl.ac.uk.