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Institute of Advanced Studies Collaboration with Mishcon Academy

17 October 2017

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The Institute of Advanced Studies has today announced a collaboration with the Mishcon Academy at Mishcon de Reya to deliver thought leadership events as part of the IAS's 'Lies' Programme. This is the first partnership of its kind for both Mishcon de Reya and the IAS. The partnership will establish a programme of events for the IAS 2017-18 research theme of 'Lies' and will specifically focus on the following issues:

  • Technologies of deception and denial, digital developments and the fabrication of facts, fictions, factoids and fibs
  • Alternative facts, post-truth, fake news, double-speak and misrepresentation
  • Ethics and honesty, withholding information and economising with the 'truth'
  • Veridical evidence, witnessing, perjury, oaths and testimony, lying and the law

Anthony Julius, Deputy Chairman of Mishcon de Reya and inaugural Chair in Law and the Arts at University College London, said:

"I am delighted to have forged this exciting collaboration with UCL's Institute of Advanced Studies. We all know that the world is changing at a rapid pace and it is important that academics, lawyers, public policy experts and business leaders come together and talk about the issues impacting our lives. This topic, 'Lies', is in many ways the world's most old fashioned problem, but the digital age has redefined the boundaries and blurred the lines and extended the reach of both lies and truth.  This collaboration will bring together a range of people and will seek to bypass entrenched and established modes of thinking."

Professor Tamar Garb, Director of the IAS, added:

"We are delighted to be collaborating with the Mishcon Academy to foster rigorous, expansive and critical inquiry on the long history of lying, its peculiar contemporary manifestations, its legitimation and proliferation through language, rhetoric, technology and modes of embodied deceit. This partnership will enable us to host a range of exploratory panels and research-related events providing a platform for academics, students, lawyers, politicians and engaged citizens to investigate the nature and transforming character  of deceptive behaviour across temporal and spatial divides."