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Sounding Board

sound-mixing board at recording studio
The Sounding Board is our steering committee; a group of music experts from across UCL who provide feedback, ideas and insights on activities under the initiative.
  • Manuel Arroyo-Kalin - Associate Professor at UCL Institute of Archaeology. Manuel was involved in the organisation of the Music Archaeology of Latin America day conference that took place on 11/2019 at UL Senate House (led by Diane Scullin (Bristol), Henry Stobbart (RHUL), and Bill Sillar (UCL Archaeology)). His research interest in the Amazon basin involves a comparative consideration of indigenous music.
  • Georgina Born - Professor of Music and Anthropoloy, UCL Anthropology. Georgina is working on a 5-year ERC-funded project: Music and Artificial Intelligence: Building Critical Interdisciplinary Studies.
  • Nicolas Gold - Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science. Nicolas is an interdisciplinary computer scientist and musician, with research interests at the intersection of arts, humanities and sciences and particularly in computer music for creative practice, analysis, healthcare, and education. He is interested in new interfaces for musical expression – including a laptop orchestra which previously performed at the UCL Festival of the Arts. Also involved in an EU funded project about music in healthcare, working with IoE on music and making, working with lego, and interested in ethics and musical technology. 
  • Annika Lindskog - Lecturer in Scandinavian Studies, SELCS. Annika has a particular research interest in music as cultural history, often intertwined with landscape ideologies and cultural memory structures. She developed a cross-disciplinary module on ‘Hearing Cultures’. She is also a Chamber music player, and a singer. 
  • Sophie Mepham - Coordinator for Sustainable Cities and Transformative Technology, Grand Challenges (currently on secondment to Urban Lab). Sophie plays violin in the Peckham Chamber Orchestra, a community orchestra focused on decolonising classical music set up by Hannah Catherine Jones; whilst working in Palestine, Sophie volunteered with Music Harvest, playing traditional ceilidh music for Dabke dance nights; she worked with Sam Lee (Extinction Rebellion, Music Declares founder) to put on a programme of acoustic folk concerts in outdoor spaces throughout London called "Campfire Club". She is interested in music making for wellbeing and community cohesion, improving access to music, and representation/research that opens up the classical archive
  • Siobhan Morris - Head of Programmes, UCL Grand Challenges of Cultural Understanding and Justice & Equality. Siobhan is interested in music as memorialisation; music and memory (also in relation to misremembering).
  • Jayne Parker - Professor of Fine Art, Head of Graduate Fine Art Media, Slade School of Fine Art. Jayne is an artist filmmaker who has made many 16mm films featuring the performance of music, new contemporary and experimental. She is particularly interested in the structure and form of music in relation to the materiality of analogue film, the act of performance and expression of music, as well as the instrument itself. She is interested in the way we experience and encounter music.
  • Ross Purves - Associate Professor of Music Education, IoE. Ross is involved in a wide range of music education-based research. At present, this embraces the exploration of young people’s engagement with musical activity via geospatial analysis, along with interdisciplinary projects exploring the combination of music, coding and Lego construction. He also has an interest in the history of English music education. Recent publications have also included skill acquisition and ethical awareness in music technology. 
  • Jennifer Rushworth - Associate Professor, SELCS. Jennifer is working on a book on Proust and song. Her British Academy conference on 'Song in the Novel' took place on 30 September/1 October 2021. She sings and plays piano and has worked with Bloomsbury Theatre. —> Rushworth, JF (2019) If the ‘Schu’ Fits: Translating a Moment of Song in Proust’s Le Temps Retrouvé. French Studies Bulletin , 40 (150) pp. 21-24. (2019)
  • Lisa Sampson - Associate Professor (Early Modern Italian Studies), Director of Italian Studies, SELCS. Lisa researches on early modern Italy, focusing especially on courts and academies which were key settings for some of the most innovative practical and theoretical experimentation with music, theatre and literature in the later sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. In particular, she is interested in how female performers (including singers) influenced musical and creative practices (including the rise of opera).  She ran the Virtuosa Singer in the Academies of Early Modern Italy concert with professional musicians/lecture (Sept. 2018), and has an open access volume currently under contract for UCL Press on Drama, Poetry and Music in Late-Renaissance Italy: The life and works of Leonora Bernardi (edited by Virginia Cox and Lisa Sampson, forthcoming 2022). 
  • Thomas Western - Lecturer in Social and Cultural Geography. His teaching and research centre on movements and migrations, cities and citizenships, relations and imaginations, activisms and anticolonialisms – working with methods that foreground sound and voice. Tom works primarily in Athens, Greece, where he studies and contributes to migratory activisms and creative citizenship movements. He is a member of the Syrian and Greek Youth Forum (SGYF), with whom he runs the Active Citizens Sound Archive – a space for amplifying citizenship work, youth activism, and collective research and knowledge production. Based on this work, Tom is currently writing a book titled Circular Movements: Migratory Citizenships in Athens. The book hears how people in Athens creatively contest the logics of borders and citizenship regimes, reimagining questions of being and belonging in the city, and remaking citizenships against citizenship.