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VIRTUAL: IAS Talking Points Seminar - The gap between artistic practices, texts and images on art

08 December 2020, 6:00 pm–7:30 pm

The IAS is delighted to welcome Visiting Research Fellow Dr Juliette Milbach for this Talking Points Seminar. Respondents: Dr Maja Fowkes (IAS) and Dr Michał Murawski (SSEES). Chaired by Dr Reuben Fowkes (IAS)

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This presentation proposes to study an aspect of the discourse on art in the Soviet Union during the Thaw, or more precisely, the years between 1956 and 1968. This discourse will be analysed through the role modern art played in the art community, in both explicit and implicit ways. Interactions, transfers and translations of one culture to another will be a tool to understand Soviet art theory. The gap between theories of art and artistic practices encourage the argument that the Soviet viewer integrated into their knowledge a complex combination of the artistic practices of doublespeak in published sources, with visuals that offered opposing information. We will focus on the history of Soviet art discourse, and how images, and their reproductions, have operated as a meta-discourse. A corpus based on cartoons and photographic documents, such as views of exhibitions published in the press, will allow us to identify the markers that lay behind the criticisms of abstraction in particular.  

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