Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS)


Dr Liat Lavi

Dr Liat Lavi is a Visiting Research Fellow in 2023-24.

Dr Liat Lavi is a researcher and senior lecturer at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, where she served as the head of the master’s program in visual communication (2019-23). Her research focuses on AI ethics and AI creativity. Dr Lavi holds bachelor degrees in law and economics and in fine arts, and an MA and PhD in hermeneutics and philosophy. 

Project description:

'Through the Looking Glass: What dialogical machines teach us on what it is like to be human' investigates the philosophical and sociological implications of recent advances in the field of artificial intelligence from the point of view of man-machine communication. The cross disciplinary perspective taken in this project centres on the ‘grassroot metaphysics’ that stems from the design of AI systems, and on the varied dialogical structures they generate. The analysis culminates in a significantly more intricate and nuanced policy for ethical AI than is applied at present, while also providing new insights pertaining to the current state of explicating human experience in philosophy and science and on the idea of humanism in the 21st century.