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COSS Talks

COSS Talks foreground cutting edge research and art practice concerning the critical study of Outer Space.

The Talks are between 40 minutes and an hour long. Whilst they usually focus on the presentation of academic research through a traditional talk format we invite alternative formats such as panels, film screenings or anything else that is suitable.

If you are interested in giving a COSS Talk please contact david.jeevendrampillai@ucl.ac.uk and lucy.stagg@ucl.ac.uk

COSS TALKS series 2023-2024

lights on earth, from space, credit NASA
HYBRID: Scales and Futures: Simultaneity, Latency, and Ethics Beyond Earth

10 January 2024, 5:00 pm–6:30 pm

In this paper, David Valentine (University of Minnesota) asks how— in the planning for and talk about human settlements in other cosmic places— scale frames what kinds of common (or simultaneous) human futures are possible, on Earth or off, and what becomes of ethics in this context.