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IJS Studies in Judaica

The IJS Studies in Judaica series is primarily devoted to the publication of annual conferences of IJS, although individual monographs are also welcome on any aspect of Jewish Studies and related disciplines. The volumes bring together, often for the first time, eminent scholars from different countries working in historical, literary, and linguistic research areas relevant to all periods of Jewish Studies, from antiquity to modernity. Examples of themes include biblical studies (within the ancient world), medieval Hebrew science, and history of Zionism, with the aim being to cover the latest trends in cutting-edge research in Jewish Studies in its broadest context.

The series has published 19 volumes since 2002.

Disease in Babylonia. 2006. Editors Mark Geller and Irving Finkel. Brill. 

Dutch Jewry: Its History and Secular Culture (1500-2000). 2002. Editors Jonathan Israel and Reinier Salverda. Brill. 

Studies in the Archaeology of the Iron Age in Israel and Jordan. 2001. Editor Amihai Mazar. Sheffield Academic Press.

The Jews of Italy: Memory and Identity. 2000. Editors Barbara Garvin and Bernard Cooperman. University Press of Maryland.

Perspectives on Jewish Thought and Mysticism. 1998. Editors Alfred L. Ivry, Elliot Wolfson and Allan Arkush. Harwood Academic Publishers.

Hasidism Reappraised. 1998. Editor Ada Rapoport-Albert. Littman Library of Jewish Civilisation.

Patterns of Migration, 1850-1914. 1996. Editors Aubrey Newman and Stephen W. Massil. Jewish Historical Society of England.

The Jews of Medieval Islam: Community, Society, and Identity. 1995. Editor Daniel Frank. Brill.

Studia Aramaica: New Sources and New Approaches. 1995. Editors Mark Geller, J.C. Greenfield and M.P. Weitzman. Oxford University Press.
Legal Documents of the Hellenistic World. 1995. Editors Mark Geller and H. Maehler, in collaboration with A.D.E. Lewis. Warburg Institute.

Assimilation And Community: The Jews in Nineteenth-Century Europe. 1992. Editors Jonathan Frankel and Steven J. Zipperstein. Cambridge University Press
Government, Nationalities, and the Jews of Russia, 1772-1990, Special issue of Soviet Jewish Affairs. Vol 21, Number 1, Summer 1991 

Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry Vol 17: The Shtetl: Myth and Reality book on table
Co-Sponsored Publications

Imperial Russia's Jewish Question, 1855-1881. 2005. John Klier. Cambridge University Press.

Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry Vol 17: The Shtetl: Myth and Reality. 2004. Editor Antony Polonsky. Liverpool University Press.  
The Origin of Early Israel - Current Debate. 1998. Editors Shmuel Ahituv and Eliezer D Oren. Routledge.