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Our industry and academic team brings their expertise to podcasts to share new ideas and discussions on finance and technology.

IFT is a hub of excellence of knowledge on digital finance and alternative investment.  IFT's academic and industrial staff are experts in their fields, providing critical advice to institutions across the public and private sector spectrum, at home and abroad.

Our team brings their expertise on podcasts to share new ideas and discussions on finance and technology.

CFA Society United Kingdom

Episode 6: The future of banking and takeaways on treasury management

Meet John Cummins - Managing Director, Group Investments at Aviva Group plc., and IFT Industry Director. Over the last 30 years, John has been brought in to solve some of the trickiest banking situations in the UK. In this episode, John talks to Ben Ashby and Tom Threlfall, CFA to discuss the future of banking and some of the key learnings on treasury management he's learned over the years. Plus, he reveals his predictions for what the global investment space will look like in 18 months, as well as 10 years, including the potential reduction in inflation rates and the emerging opportunities in India and Africa.

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