UCL Institute of Finance & Technology


IFT Launch: September 2019

Financial institutions, governments and the private sector are turning to innovative financial mechanisms that leverage both social and environmental impacts, plus financial returns, in order to foster sustainability and resilience in complex systems. IFT has been founded to explore challenges, unlock financial opportunities, possibilities and practices that will achieve prosperity for more people.

On 26 September 2019, we were delighted to throw open the doors to IFT for the first time to celebrate our mission to shift the way we think about 21st century finance. It was a special opportunity to bring together friends, research colleagues, and supporters of the Institute.

The event was opened by then-President and Provost of UCL, Prof Michael J. P. Arthur and our Director, Prof Francesca Medda. Following this welcome, we enjoyed a panel discussion entitled: “Technology and Banking: Revolution or Evolution?” which was hosted by our Industrial Director, Paola Bergamaschi Broyd. A special thanks to our external contributors:

  • Helen Joyce, Executive Editor of Events Business, The Economist
  • Anne Boden, CEO, Starling Bank
  • Amanda Creak, Head of EMEA Technology Risk, Goldman Sachs
  • Joanna Place, Chief Operating Officer, Bank of England