UCL Institute of Finance & Technology


ESG-responsible finance


The ESG-Responsible Finance Lab, hosted at the UCL Institute of Finance and Technology, is dedicated to developing quantitative methods to support sustainable finance and ESG investing, with a strong focus on climate risk mitigation. We are committed to informing investors and policymakers, particularly about the emerging risks in these fields. These include the evolving landscape of ESG regulations, reputation risk, transition risk, climate risk, and others. In addition to informing stakeholders, the lab is engaged in assisting all financial actors in achieving the transition to the net-zero carbon goal set by the Paris Agreement and aligning with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Central to our mission is the exploration of the relationship between ESG factors and financial performance, analyzing various investment strategies, and integrating ESG and sustainability factors into risk management frameworks. Another critical focus is on extreme risks, particularly those related to the climate change impacts. Our lab is developing advanced statistical tools and models to understand and measure the impacts of these extreme climate events on financial markets.