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Industry Engagement

The Institute of Finance & Technology (IFT) is dedicated to equipping students with a thorough understanding of digital finance through theoretical education and practical application.

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The Institute of Finance & Technology (IFT) is committed to providing its  students with a solid and comprehensive foundation of key theories and concepts across digital finance, and the opportunity to test and apply this learning in the real world. Students are not only taught by a team of Industrial Professors with extensive business know-how, but students at IFT get exposure to industry voices in various formats throughout their time. 

As we continue in this era of digital transformation, we invite industry leaders to join us in shaping the future. By partnering with us, your organisation gains exclusive access to groundbreaking insights, top-tier talent, and collaborative opportunities that drive innovation.  

Recruit our students  

Find out how to raise your profile and recruit our talented students and graduates. 

Placements, internships and graduates 

UCL offers a rich tradition of academic excellence, and our students are eager to apply their knowledge in real-world settings. By partnering with us, you can tap into a diverse talent pool that brings fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to your industry, through work experience, placements and graduate hires. Raise your profile amongst our students and graduate and build your pipeline of future talent into your organisation.  

Every year we encourage our students undertake a placement in industry, using this experience to contribute to their dissertation. Please get in touch if you would like to express your interest in taking on an intern.  

Engage with UCL Careers 

Get in touch with UCL Careers to advertise your vacancy, attend events or promote your own and engage with our student and graduate population across the University. 

Conversations with Industry series 

Join our seminar series and help inspire the next generation of financial leaders. 

This seminar series aims to illuminate the intricate relationship between financial leadership and ethical decision-making, emphasizing the crucial need for integrity, transparency, and responsibility in the realm of finance. 

We’re looking for leaders from the finance sphere to share insights from the challenges faced and how they’ve fostered ethical leadership in finance. This seminar aims to equip participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to integrate ethical considerations into their financial decision-making processes. 

Conversations with Industry are open to the general public to attend, particularly to those who have a background or an interest in finance and technology. All conversations are followed by audience Q&A and an informal drinks and networking reception at the venue. 

Our series has finished for 2023, please find our previous programmes.

We will announce our programme for next year, 2024. If you would like to get involved with our seminar series, please email us stating your interest.  


Your sponsorship fuels research, empowers talent, and drives change. 

Our tailored sponsorship packages offer customisable benefits that align with your organisation's goals, providing visibility, networking opportunities, and a direct link to the forefront of finance and technology innovation. 

To find out more about our sponsorship options, please get in touch.  


Invest in the next generation of leaders in FinTech. 

By offering scholarships, your industry invests in the next generation of leaders. It's an opportunity to support promising individuals who will contribute to the future of your field. Engage with bright minds early in their academic journey. Establish connections with students passionate about your industry, fostering potential future collaborations or employment opportunities.