Inhale Project


Norwich sites


Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH)

The NNUH is a 1,000-bed teaching hospital with a 20-bed ICU, served by 9 consultants in anaesthesia and intensive care. The hospital serves a relatively stable population, with low resistance rates.


University of East Anglia (UEA)

UEA is among the top 1% of universities worldwide and UK top 20; it stands on the Norwich Research Park (NRP), a collaborative centre of excellence that hosts over 3000 researchers and one of the largest concentrations of microbiologists in Europe. The Medical Microbiology Research Laboratory (MMRL) belongs to Norwich Medical School, located at the newly-built Bob Champion Research and Educational Building. It established in 2011 by Professor Livermore, Professor Wain and Dr O'Grady, who share an exceptional track record in publications and success in securing research funding for antibiotic resistance, infectious diseases and diagnostic evaluation.


Norwich Clinical Trials Unit (NCTU)

Norwich Clinical Trials Unit (NCTU) has been established by UEA and NNUH to provide an effective platform for the conduct of high quality clinical trials and to provide a forum for training and methodological advancement in trial design, conduct and analysis. This includes developing funding applications, trial design, management, quality assurance, analysis and reporting.
The vision is to establish an internationally recognised clinical trials unit to conduct important trials across a broad range of clinical disciplines which influence clinical and research practice and are published in high impact journals, thus enhancing the international research reputation of Norwich Research Park (NRP).