Inhale Project


Partners OLD

INHALE is managed by a multidisciplinary team of researchers and clinicians from two universities (UCL and UEA) and currently four hospitals (UCLH, NNUH, GOSH and BUPA Cromwell) based in two regions - London and Norwich.

The participating hospitals are carefully chosen to span the widest range of patient types and microfloras, providing a rigorous and diverse challenge for the diagnostic tests without the need to recruit an unmanageable large number of sites.

The skills of different members of the research team are complementary. They span epidemiology and antibiotic resistance, ICU medicine, clinical microbiology, molecular diagnostics, behavioural science, statistics, economic modelling, and clinical service delivery.

Dr Gant will lead on clinical aspects and Professor Livermore on laboratory and antibiotic resistance aspects, whilst Dr Virve Enne will manage the project day to day, supported by the Norwich Clinical Trial Unit, which has extensive experience in trial design and co-ordination.