Information Studies




The following is the schedule for the last academic session and may be subject to change. In addition we look at relevant case studies to use as examples. Where possible, we also have guest speakers to illustrate specific aspects of the use and application of XML markup.

  • Session 1: Introduction. Origins and role of XML. Structure of an XML document (elements and attributes). Document deconstruction and analysis (constructing a document tree).
  • Session 2: Further document analysis. Well-formed documents. Practical exercise in marking up a document.
  • Session 3: Principles of document type definitions (DTDs). Building and implementing simple DTDs. Marking up documents according to a DTD. Validating documents. Using the Oxygen XML Editor.
  • Session 4: More Oxygen and XML editing
  • Session 5: More document analysis and markup validation. A case study as a detailed example.

Reading Week

  • Session 6: Introduction to XML Schemas
  • Session 7: Introduction to XSL stylesheets
  • Session 8: Creating outputs with XSLT stylesheets
  • Session 9: more work with XSL stylesheets
  • Session 10: Other XML standards and applications


Background Reading