Information Studies


Support for Conference Calling

All DIS staff are free to use the departmental Skype account for work-related conference calls, and for work-related calls to UK landline telephone numbers. 

This is a premium account, so that it can be used for unlimited calls to UK landline telephone numbers. Since it is an account shared by all members of the department, please observe the following rules:

  • Familiarise yourself with the UCL policy for use of Skype.
  • Sign in using this account only at the actual time you want to make your call.
  • Sign out as soon as you have finished your call.
  • Add any work-related contacts to this account that you need to, but when you add a contact, add it also to your own contact "list" (right-click on the contact after it appears in Skype). Periodically, contacts not appearing in any individual's list will be deleted.

The sign-in details are as follows:

Skype user name: ucldis_skype_account_one

Password: 101dalmatians

Other Skype Accounts

You are of course free to create and use other Skype accounts. For DIS- and UCL-related Skype calls, you may find it useful to have accounts named using the following conventions:

  • firstname_lastname_dis_teaching - for calls to students, e.g. for dissertation supervision.
  • firstname_lastname_ucldis - for non-student work-related calls.

Here is a (possibly non-exhaustive) list of current Skype usernames for DIS staff:

  • rob_miller_dis_teaching
  • rob_miller_ucldis
  • elizabeth_shepherd_ucldis

Feel free to add your own Skype names to this list (by editing this page in Silva).

UCL Policy for Skype