Information Studies


Schedule of Teaching Dispensation, Secondments, Sabbatical and Other Leave

Staff scheduled for a departmental sabbatical should fill in a Faculty Sabbatical Leave Application Form and return this to the Head of Department by the end of Week 8 of Term 2 in the previous academic year.

DIS Sabbatical Rota 2017-2026

UCL Sabbatical Leave Policy and Procedure

Points to note:

  • DIS sabbaticals for academic staff are research-oriented unless explicitly agreed otherwise with the Head of Department. Academic staff will be expected to continue with all their usual activities under the heading "Research" in the DIS Generic Workload Description, do no teaching or enabling, and only undertake public engagement activities and/or services to the profession at their own discretion.
  • Sabbaticals run from the first day of the term in which they are scheduled until the day before the first day of the following term, or until the day before UCL Week 1 of the following academic year in the case of term 3 sabbaticals. 


Term 1 (Sabbaticals run 25th September 2017 to 7th January 2018)

  • Melanie Ramdarshan Bold (scheduled departmental sabbatical -  approved by faculty)
  • Luke Dickens (scheduled departmental sabbatical -  approved by faculty)

Term 2 (Sabbaticals run 8th January 2018 to 22nd April 2018)

  • Jenny Bunn (scheduled departmental sabbatical -  approved by faculty)
  • Julianne Nyhan (scheduled departmental sabbatical -  approved by faculty)
  • Melanie Ramdarshan Bold (post-maternity leave sabbatical)