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The Publishers Association Digital Publishing Forums

Publishers Association Digital Publishing forum, in association with UCL Information Studies and EDITEUR

Wednesday 25th January 2018 4-5pm

Roberts 421, Roberts Building

Map link: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/maps/downloads/ucl-bloomsbury-campus.jpeg (square C:5)

Followed by a drinks reception in room G31 Foster Court


The Digital Publishing Forum is making its own contribution to Academic Book Week with a forum that examines a special problem for humanities publishers. There is some pressure from governments and funders to aim for digital monographs and also, using the opportunities presented, for these monographs to be open access. Yet many researchers do not see eBooks as real books and have serious problems with those open access policies which seem to work for scientists. How can researchers be convinced that this is the way forward? The speakers are the directors of two new London based presses, Lara Speicher of UCL Press and Andrew Lockett of Westminster University Press, and a senior commissioning editor, Meredith Carroll from the much longer established Manchester University Press, who bring their own insights. The chair will be Anthony Watkinson principal consultant of CIBER Research, who will make some introductory remarks on the US scene. Not only publishers but librarians, students and researchers should find this session and the networking that follows illuminating.

This event is free to attend

The event is convened by Nick Canty, Lecturer, Department of Information Studies. For further information, please contact: infostudies-conferences@ucl.ac.uk

To book a free place on this seminar please email your details to Malvia.plante@ucl.ac.uk

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