Information Studies


Vassilis Routsis

I am a Senior Research Fellow and a Lecturer at the UCL Department of Information Studies. My main project is the UK Data Service, working on the census flow data that relate to the movement of people between locations. I am responsible for providing access and support for these data sets. I maintain and enhance related software, such as the WICID tool, and have worked closely with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to disseminate the 2011 and 2021 UK census flow data. Currently, I am designing and developing the next generation of tools, including a sophisticated API with subsetting capabilities and a new user-friendly interface for census data discovery and extraction. Additionally, I have led and participated in various projects related to interactive mapping, data science, and visualisation.

I teach several modules and courses covering server and client-side programming, data visualisation, and applied machine learning. I have led and instructed numerous Master's programme modules, including 'Server-Side Programming and Structured Data', 'Social Media Analytics', 'Database Theory and Practice', and 'Developing Dynamic Web Applications'. I am also supervising students at Master's and PhD levels.

While I am passionate about data science, I believe addressing the ethical issues arising from uncritical applications of artificial intelligence across various societal domains is necessary. My research interests encompass technology's cultural and socio-political impacts, focusing on privacy and interdisciplinary methods in humanities and social sciences research.

Over the years, I have participated as a reviewer and programme committee member for prestigious conferences, journals, and projects. My PhD research involved a mixed-methods study on the evolution of informational privacy ethics, norms, and self-disclosure behaviour throughout online history, particularly since the emergence of social media. I hold a BA in Sociology and an MSc in Social and Political Theory.

In addition to my social sciences background, I am proficient in various programming languages, such as Python, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Java, C#, R, and others. I advocate for following programming best practices and paradigms like OOP, MVC, and others. My interests also include applied machine learning, data analytics, and artificial intelligence applications to facilitate social sciences research.

Alongside my other roles, I work as a software and web engineer at the UCL Centre for Languages and International Education (CLIE). My responsibilities include maintaining and upgrading the technical infrastructure, as well as engineering and developing pedagogical tools and other advanced software to support prospective and active students, teachers, and administrative staff.

An overview of my research outputs can be found on my UCL IRIS page.

Please feel free to contact me at v.routsis [at] ucl.ac.uk