Information Studies


Conference papers, talks, etc


  • January 2103, Invited seminar paper, 'Managing records and archives in the UK public sector - the challenges of balancing public rights of access and privacy' European University Institute / Historical Archives of the European Union seminar, Transparency and Access to the Records and Archives of the EU Institutions, Florence, Italy
  • January 2013, '"When you're in hole - stop digging. Not stopping yet!" Dig Where We Stand & Continuing to Dig: Developing and Sustaining Community Heritage projects', UCL Public Engagement Symposium, UCL
  • April 2013, 'Mausoleums or resource centres? Labour history museums and archives and useable pasts', Public History Group seminar, Bishopsgate Institute, London
  • June 2013, Invited keynote address, 'Sharing memories, competing narratives. Online archival heritage and the articulation of individual, community and national identities', Associação dos Arqivisitas Brasileiros, Fifth Conference on Archival Information Databases, 'Different Views of Online Archives: Digitisation, Memory and Access', Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • June 2013, Guest Speaker, Toronto Area Archivists' Group (TAAG) 40th anniversary AGM, Toronto, Canada
  • June 2013, 'Another World Is Possible - community-based archives as places of resistance and affirmation', Association of Canadian Archivists (ACA) Conference 2013 "Community as Archives, Archives as Community", Winnipeg , Canada
  • June 2013, Hidden no longer: community history-making in London, UCL Lunchtime Lecture (on tour), Museum of London Docklands, London. Video-cast available here UCL soundcloud audio file here
  • September 2013, "'When in a hole, stop digging': some reflections on recent attempts to encourage fruitful and positive collaboration between academic researchers and community heritage groups", Whose History is it Anyway?: Public History in Perspective, University of Central Lancashire, Preston.


  • February 2012, Invited seminar paper, 'The archive: site of contestation and resistance', Humanities Interdisciplinary Seminar on The Archive, University of East Anglia
  • May 2012, Invited panellist, Life-Writing, Archives and Digitisation, Oxford Centre for Life-Writing (OCLW), Wolfson College, Oxford
  • May 2012, 'Histories "too important to be left just to professional historians". Workers' libraries, archives and museums - yesterday and today', Unofficial Histories conference, Bishopsgate Institute, London
  • June 2012, Organiser and speaker, Dig Where We Stand Community Heritage Day, UCL
  • June 2012, (with Sarah Dhanjal), 'Digging Where We Stand', Community Archives Conference, UCL
  • July 2012, (with David Wallace), 'An Archival Approach to Social Justice: Researching Frames of Reference and Assessment', Archival Education and Research Institute (AERI) 2012, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA
  • July 2012, 'Some unfinished business - defining the participative archive', Archival Education and Research Institute (AERI) 2012 UCLA, Los Angeles, USA
  • August 2012, (with Karen Anderson, Göran Samuelsson, Jeannette Bastian) 'Virtual Experiments in Collaborative Archival Education: Constructing a Digital Laboratory for Digital Learning', International Council on Archives (ICA) Congress, Brisbane, Australia
  • August 2012, 'Sustaining independent archives: delivering participatory approaches to archival heritage', International Council on Archives (ICA) Congress, Brisbane, Australia
  • September 2012, 'Archives and counter-archives: contesting pasts, dreaming futures', AHRC Utopian Archives Research Network Workshop: Archival and Counter-Archival Sites and Practices, UCL
  • October 2012, (with Anna Sexton), 'Exploring Participatory Approaches to Archives', Archives and Society Seminar, Institute of Historical Research, London. 


  • February 2011, Invited paper, 'Archival activism: independent and community archives, radical history making and the heritage professions', Diversity and the Archive Colloquium Series, UCLA, USA 
  • March 2011, Invited paper, 'Independent & Community Archives: Preserving local histories and sites of resistance?' CAS/MillerComm Lecture Series, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA. 
  • March 2011, Allen Smith Lecture, 'Telling our stories, creating our histories: some reflections on the role of oral history in community history and archive projects', Simmons College, Boston, USA. 
  • April 2011, Invited panel member, Independent and community archiving, New York University, New York, USA
  • July 2011, Keynote speaker, Archival Education and Research Institute (AERI) 2011 plenary, 'Sisters (and brothers) are doing it for themselves': Independent community-based archives and the adoption of participatory approaches in archival theory, research and practice, Simmons College, Boston, USA. 
  • July 2011, 'Making history: challenging heritages and social movements', Open University, Creating Publics Workshop, University of Westminster
  • September 2011, 'Humanising Histories - Oral History and Acts of Recovery', Hidden Histories: Symposium on Methodologies for the History of Computing in the Humanities, UCL. Audio podcast here
  • December 2011, Invited panel member, 'Values based practice in a time of policy change', Cultural Equalities Now conference, British Museum, London


  • March 2010, Invited paper, 'Communities, crowds and experts: archival activism and history-making', Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute, University of Glasgow
  • May 2010, Invited paper, '"A history of our own" Representing 'community' on the web. The challenges and opportunities of independent community archiving', RunCoCo 'Community Collections Workshop', University of Oxford. Reports, slides and audio here
  • August 2010, (with Elizabeth Shepherd), 'Ascribing archival 'value': some new perspectives arising from current research at UCL', Archives & Records Association conference 2010, Manchester
  • December 2010, 'Disintermediating the archive: lay challenges to the heritage professions in the digital age', 'Memory, Identity and the Archival Paradigm: an interdisciplinary approach' conference, University of Dundee


  • March 2009, Invited paper, '"A frontal attack on professionalism, standards and scholarship"?. Democratising archives and the production of knowledge', Archives 2.0 Shifting Dialogues between Users and Archivists, CRESC, University of Manchester
  • April 2009, (with Alan Bell) 'An Overview of Post-graduate Education in Archives and Records Management', Archives and Records as a Career, Society of Archivists, Gloucester Archives
  • August 2009, '"A history of our own" Representing communities and identities on the web: community archives in the UK', 'Sustainable Archives' Society of American Archivists conference, Austin, Texas
  • September 2009, Invited paper, 'Postgraduate Archives and Records Management education: fit for purpose?', London Museum Librarians and Archivists Group (LMLAG) Conference: Not Museum Pieces? The Developing Role Of Archivists And Librarians In Museums, London
  • September 2009, (with Mary Stevens), '"History workshops": producing community histories in the 21st century', Legacies and Futures: The History Workshop and radical education, Ruskin College, Oxford
  • October 2009, '"Span the world with friendship" Socialist children's and youth movements in the UK', 'New Approaches to Socialism in a New Europe? - The International Falcon Movement and its Member Organisations during the first two Decades after WWII', International Conference in the Archive of the Labour Youth Movement, Oer-Erkenschwick, Germany
  • November 2009, Invited paper, '"Sites of Resistance": Independent and community-led archives, challenging histories', LUCAS Seminar Series: 'Archives and Conflict', University of Liverpool


  • February 2008, 'The "Community Archives" movement. Examining the roots & developments of grassroots community heritage and history', University College Dublin, History Department seminar, Dublin
  • March 2008, 'Diversity and inclusion in the Archive: some suggestions', MLA London Inclusive Practice workshop, London
  • April 2008, 'Democratising the Archive. Representing diversity: an agenda for a 21st century profession', The Philosophy of the Archive conference, Edinburgh
  • May 2008, 'Diversifying archival practices: utilising community knowledge in archival description', Welsh Libraries Archives and Museums Conference, Llandrindod Wells
  • July 2008, Invited panel speaker in session 'Archives & their communities: serving the people', 16th International Council on Archives Congress, Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia
  • August 2008, Conference keynote, 'Whose memories, whose archives? Community archives, autonomy and the mainstream', 4th International Conference on the History of Records and Archives, 'Minority Reports: Indigenous and Community Voices in Archives', Perth: West Australia
  • August 2008, 'Migrations, disputed heritages and multicultured identities: archives in post-colonial societies', Australian Society of Archivists Annual Conference 2008 'Archives: Discovery and Exploration', Perth: West Australia
  • August 2008, Invited panel discussant, 'International Educators and Editors' Australian Society of Archivists Annual Conference 2008 'Archives: Discovery and Exploration', Perth: West Australia
  • August 2008, 'The State of the Archive Nation: Archivists' view of their profession in the context of the Heritage Lottery Fund' (with Louise Ray), Society of Archivists conference 2009, York
  • November 2008, 'Responding to changing professional responsibilities? HLF funding and the implications for archivists, their employers and their educators', (with Louise Ray), Public Service Quality Group Forum 'Dream teams - building the modern archive workforce', The National Archives, London
  • November 2008, Invited speaker, Royal Historical Society / The National Archives Gerald Aylmer Seminar 'The wisdom of the experts and the wisdom of the crowds', London
  • December 2008, Invited speaker, all-day symposium to launch Centre for Research in Memory, Narrative and Histories, University of Brighton, Brighton


  • June 2007, 'Community histories, community archives: preservation, ownership and use', Sharing Community Memories conference, UCL, London
  • June 2007, 'Co-operation, Internationalism & Peace. The Women's Co-operative Guild and the Woodcraft Folk between the wars', Londoners Co-operate!, Bishopsgate Institute, London
  • July 2007, 'Community and mainstream archives: some opportunities and challenges', Society of Archivists London Region meeting, London
  • September 2007, 'Using archives, developing identities: community histories and social memories', ARMReN Research Workshop: Access and impact, Liverpool


  • March 2006, 'Recognising student diversity: a report on SLAIS teaching and learning projects' Teaching and Learning Conference, UCL, London
  • June 2006, 'Archives, Social History & Representativeness', Forum for Archives and Records Management Education and Research 2006 conference, Aberystwyth
  • August 2006, 'Re-tracing the international patterns of labour solidarities: South Africa and the United Kingdom', Rethinking Worlds of Labour: Southern African labour history in international context, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • September 2006, 'Documenting the margins: what to collect, what to preserve?', Society of Archivists Annual Conference, Lancaster
  • November 2006, 'Archives and identity: whose stories, whose archives?', UCL Mellon Seminar Programme, UCL, London


  • April 2001, 'The CPGB and the National Branches. Cypriots, Indians and West Indians in the Communist Party 1945-70', International Conference on Comparative Communist Biography and Prosopography, Manchester
  • May 2002, 'An introduction to the Greater Manchester Past Finder Project. What and why?', User Evaluation, Manchester
  • March 2003, 'Cotton Lancashire. An anatomy of a Labour movement in 1930s', Labour Heritage Conference on the North West Labour Movement, Manchester
  • August 2003, 'An overview of archival education and research in the United Kingdom', International Council on Archives, Section on Archival Education and Training (ICA/SAE), European Conference for Archival Educators and Trainers, Härnösand, Sweden
  • March 2004 (Cohen, Morgan and Flinn) 'Towards a mixed method social history: combining qualitative and quantitative methods in the study of collective biography', Fifth European Social Science History Conference, Berlin
  • April 2004, 'British Labour and youth cultures, 1945 - 1960', Social Democracy, Culture and Society: Historical Perspectives, London
  • April 2005, 'Uncovering political activism - archival sources and new methods for analyzing historical patterns of political activity', New Directions in Modern Political History conference, London
  • May 2005, 'Co-operation, feminism and peace. The Women's Co-operative Guild and the anti-war movement between the wars', Taking stock: the Co-operative Movement in British History, Manchester