Information Studies


Mehrnoush Scarman

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Overseas Research Student Award Winner
Thesis Title:
A gender study of the LIS academics' productivity in the UK
Vanda Broughton
Second Supervisor:
Rob Miller
Twitter: @noush11

About Me

I have completed my PhD at Department of Information Studies (DIS) at UCL. My thesis was a gender study of the LIS academics' productivity in the UK.
I used bibliometrics and statistical analysis for gathering and analysing my data. Comparing different aspects of productivity among LIS male and female academics was the main part of my study.

My PhD has been funded by the UCL  Overseas Research Student Scholarship. In 2007, I also won Thomson Reuters' Roger K. Summit scholarship awards. 

I am also working part-time at Oasis College as Learning services manager which involves managing and developing learning services for students.

My publications under my maiden name include:
Journal article
Mozaffarian, M. and Jamali, H. R. (2008), "Iranian women in science: a gender study of scientific productivity in an Islamic country", Aslib Proceedings, 60, (5), 463-473.

Book Review
Mozaffarian, M. (2007). "Review of: Browne, G. & Jeremy, J (Eds.). The Indexing Companion." Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, 2007. Webology, 4 (4), Book Review 9. Available at: http://www.webology.ir/2007/v4n4/bookreview9.html

My interests 

Scholarly communication, bibliometrics and journal publishing, Web 2.0, and Library 2.0.
In my spare time I enjoy photography, swimming and reading classic literature.