Information Studies


Knowledge, Information and Data Science (KIDS) Group

We are an active research group with interests and expertise that span across a number of disciplines including: knowledge representation, reasoning about actions, natural language processing, probabilistic logics, non-montonic logics, argumentation, Bayesian reasoning, statistical machine learning, data science and crowdsourcing. Our overarching research objective is to develop methodologies, algorithms and paradigms that build bridges between logic-based AI and statistical machine learning approaches, as well as finding practical applications in robust real-world applications. UCL Human Informatics (UCLHI) is an interest group within KIDS that collaborating with UCL Psychology and Brain Science explores multidisciplinary aspects of human activities with information systems. 



Affiliate Members

Selected Publications

  • Loboda O, Nyhan J, Mahony S and Romano D, (2018). Towards Evaluating the Impact of Recommender Systems on Visitor Experience in Physical Museums. Mobile HCI 2019: 20th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services, 2018
  • Fabio Aurelio D'Asaro, Antonis Bikakis, Luke Dickens, Rob Miller: Foundations for a Probabilistic Event Calculus. LPNMR 2017: 57-63
  • Calin-Rares Turliuc, Luke Dickens, Alessandra Russo, Krysia Broda: Probabilistic abductive logic programming using Dirichlet priors. Int. J. Approx. Reasoning 78: 223-240 (2016)
  • Theodore Patkos, Antonis Bikakis, Giorgos Flouris: A Multi-Aspect Evaluation Framework for Comments on the Social Web. KR 2016: 593-596