Information Studies


Kinda R. Dahlan

PhD. Candidate

UCL Centre for Digital Humanities
Department of Information Studies
University College London
Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT


An information and communications specialist, often merging her background in visual arts, communications, and information studies with her interest and love for all things digital.

Provisional Thesis Title:

Communicating Complex Data, Not Big Data: Three Case Studies on Oceanographic Information & Communication Practices In Multidisciplinary Settings


Professor Melissa Terras (DIS)
Professor Jon French (Geography)

Dissertation Details:

I joined the Department of Information Studies at UCL as a doctoral researcher in 2014. Having previously worked for a research institution as Process & Technology Analyst, my current research focuses on understanding the roles that people and technology play in the production of information and the management of data across different fields. In particular, I am interested in applying actor-network theory (ANT) as an analytical framework to "blackbox" interactions that take place within socio-technical and socio-ecological intersections. My dissertation involves several case studies that zoom into the usage of ICTs and the production and sharing of oceanographic information within and between various organisations. This approach focuses on expounding socio-technical effects on large quantities of data, their harvesting/production, processing, and dissemination on a large scale thereafter. Additionally, introducing a socio-ecological dimension to this study, creates a medium for current and pressing climate issues to be addressed within this scope. Aside from my full-time research activities, I am also a postgraduate teaching assistant (PGTA) for the XML and Internet Technology modules at UCL DIS.

Other Interest:

Previously dabbled professionally in teaching, content production and management, design, PR, awareness campaign planning, field research data collection, and social network analysis. In the past, lectured at Saudi universities, and have been an advocate of women's rights in Saudi Arabia ever since.

Avid scuba diver, Senators fan, and Ocarina of Time expert. Often sighted lurking in Foster Court.