Information Studies


INST0029 Server Programming and Structured Data

This module provides an introduction to the issues, techniques, technologies and underlying principles associated with creating and maintaining Web servers and database-driven websites. The course will describe different approaches to extending the functionality of 'plain' web sites by using structured data to build database driven websites.

Using spatial (geographic) data as an example application area, the students will learn how to develop web sites that can interact with a spatially enabled database to retrieve and display results, and how they can add map based interactive elements to a web page. The students will be introduced to the types of data visualization and analyses that are possible using web-based spatial data.

Learning outcomes:

On successful completion of the course, students will: (1) understand server-side and clients-side approaches to extending web functionality; (2) be able to write programs in PHP; (3) be familiar with different types of spatial data; (4) be able to carry out spatial queries in an SQL database and (5) be able to embed interactive maps within a web page.

Students will also have an understanding of server-based tasks such as maintaining security and correct Web access to different user groups.

Time and date: The course runs on Mondays in term 2, and each week consists of a lecture 14:00-15:00, followed by a practical class 15:00-17:00


Assessment: Assessment is by an extended practical project
Optional for: MSc Information Science. This module is also available for short course students
Prerequisites: INST0019 Introduction to Programming and Scripting. Students who have not taken INST0019 but who feel that they may have equivalent experience in basic programming and HTML coding should discuss this with the lecturer before to applying to take the module
Taught by: Oliver Duke-Williams, Antonis Bikakis

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