Information Studies


Hidden Histories

The Hidden Histories project gathers and makes available sources to enable the social, intellectual and cultural conditions that shaped the early take up of computing in the Humanities to be investigated. The project draws on an interdisciplinary method bundle from Oral History, Digital Humanities and Historical-Cultural Studies. With the aim of capturing memories, observations and insights that are rarely recorded in the scholarly literature of the field it carries out interviews with pioneer or early adopter scholars and practitioners from c. 1949 until 1980 (that is, from main frame computing to the coming of the personal computer).

We have been exploring patterns of co-publication in prominent journals associated with Digital Humanities; a paper about our work was presented at the DH2013 conference.

Some data tables are linked below, which summarise some of the data with which we have been working.

The tables show author, number of papers and publication years for each journal. The publication years are given an asterisk where a paper was co-authored by two or more people. Clicking on the header for a column will cause the data to be sorted and redisplayed on the basis of the column contents.


  • The data was prepared in Excel, and then converted to a table using a hugely useful CSV to HTML applet from TextFixer.
  • The tables are made sortable using the sorttable.js Javascript library.