Information Studies


Funding the Archives Sector

The 'Funding the Archives Sector' research project was a collaboration between The National Archives and the International Centre for Archives and Records Management Research and User Studies (ICARUS) of University College London. The research was carried out over the period September 2011 to September 2012 by Elizabeth Shepherd, Louise Ray and Marie Laperdrix. The final report outlines the results of the project and addresses three key research questions:

• How are archives in the UK funded?

• What funding resources are under developed within the sector?

• What appropriate advice and training support can be delivered by The National Archives to improve access to additional funding resources?

The critical drivers for this report were the financial pressures on archive services foregrounded by the impact of the recession; the UK government's 'Big Society' agenda and related initiatives, and the general awareness of the need for further development in this area within the archives sector and how this might be achieved within The National Archives' strengthened leadership role.

This research has been published as: Louise Ray, Elizabeth Shepherd, Andrew Flinn, Erica Ander and Marie Laperdrix, 'Funding archive services in England and Wales: institutional realities and professional perceptions', Archives and Records 2013, 34: 2, pp 175-199, DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/23257962.2013.822355