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Athena Swan Bronze award

We were very pleased to receive the Athena Swan Bronze Award in March 2023, which recognises and demonstrates our commitment to advancing gender equality.

Athena Swan bronze award

We join a group of over 40 UCL Departments that have signed up to the charter, with the university as a whole holding the Institute Silver AwardBy holding an Athena Swan award, we commit to adopting the key principles within our policies, practice, action plans and culture.

We commit to: 

1.    adopting robust, transparent and accountable processes for gender equality work.

2.    addressing structural inequalities and social injustices that manifest as differential experiences and outcomes for staff and students. 

3.    tackling behaviours and cultures that detract from the safety and collegiality of our work and study environments for people of all genders, including not tolerating gender-based violence, discrimination, bullying, harassment or exploitation. 

4.    understanding and addressing intersectional inequalities. 

5.    fostering collective understanding that individuals have the right to determine their own gender identity, and tackling the specific issues faced by trans and non-binary people because of their identity. 

6.    examining gendered occupational segregation, and elevating the status, voice and career opportunities of any identified under-valued and at-risk groups. 

7.    mitigating the gendered impact of caring responsibilities and career breaks, and supporting flexibility and the maintenance of a healthy ‘whole life balance’. 

8.    mitigating the gendered impact of short-term and casual contracts for staff seeking sustainable careers.

Further information about Athena Swan and Chartership can be found on the Advance HE website.